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Why Should You Purchase Our In-Stock Quartz Slabs?

1. Hand pick the slab you want
Instead of looking at smaller samples to try to figure out what countertop you want, we havce full slabs of quartz in stock that you can not only see the entirety of the piece, but you can also pick out the exact slab you want based on the coloring, veining and/or texture that suits you best. 
2. Ready to cut with a quicker turn around time for installation
Since these are stocked in our showroom, we don’t have to wait to get them from our manufacturers so turn around time will be quicker for your project. 
3. Competitive pricing
We price all our products competitively in our market compared to other local businesses as well as big box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. 
4. Template, fabrication and install included
When we give you our pricing, this include not only the countertop itself, but also everything that goes into getting it into your space:
  • Template – once you purchase your countertop, we will come into your home with a laser measure to make sure we have the most accurate measurements and to make sure your countertop will be level even if your walls or cabinets are not.
  • Fabrication – this is where we cut the countertop in our showroom with our expert and experienced team 
  • Installation – we will make sure we have a date scheduled to install your new countertops with our professionals