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Feeling a bit constricted in your small kitchen?  No problem.  Your kitchen is about to “grow” with simple solutions!

  1.  FOCUS ON COLOR.   Lighter colors make a room feel bigger.  Avoid strong color contrast and stick to all light colors.  This will keep your eye moving from corner to corner hence, making your kitchen seem like it goes on and on!  Consider white cabinetry, a light countertop and a white, glossy tile backsplash.
  2. PLAY WITH LIGHT.  Use under cabinet lighting.  Fluorescent lights under your cabinets will reflect off your backsplash making your kitchen appear like it goes on for miles!
  3. ISLAND GETAWAY.  More like “hideaway”… use your kitchen island for storage space.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to drawer and door combinations.  Hide away items that would otherwise nest on top of your counter.  A clean space makes for a breathable space!
  4. ROYAL FLUSH. Avoid supersized appliances and make sure the appliances are flush with countertops and cabinets. This visual trick allows the eye to run down a continuous line, making your space seem longer.
  5. OWN THE SPACE. Trade out the wall cabinets for open storage, especially in narrow kitchens.  You may want to consider open shelving or an on-the-wall spice rack instead of large cabinets taking over the space.