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1. The Interior of Your Refrigerator/Freezer
    • When picking out your refrigerator, keep in mind the cleaning process when looking at the shelving options. Glass shelves catch spills and wire shelves let spills through.
2. The Type of Sink You Choose for Your Kitchen
    • Flush-set or undermount sinks do not have the crumb-catching rim. You can wipe food or crumb scraps straight into the sink without have the exposed rim to worry about.
3. Different Types of Finishes
    • If you deciding between different kinds of finishes in your new kitchen, matte finishes do not show as much dirt as glossy finishes do.
4. Countertops Design or Texture
    • If you want a countertop that hides dirt easily, a very textured or multi-colored countertop is the one for you. The more simple and sleek-looking countertops are easier to see dirt and food scraps.